LSA Instructional Support Services recently installed Wacom Touch monitors into LSA classrooms which will replace the SmartBoard Interactive monitors. The Wacom touch monitors have gone through several rounds of testing to get instructor feedback on strengths and challenges, which was then used to make design and installation decisions. Wacom offers a variety of solutions to help educators and students create, communicate and maximize learning.

Annotating Presentations 

Instructors now have more options available for incorporating new information and ideas into their lessons when presenting content.  Using the Wacom Touch monitor allows instructors to work and annotate directly on the screen to deliver additional information on presentation slides.  Instructors can prepare slides in advance, but turn static information into active content.  They can communicate visually by annotating their digital content such as highlighting, circling, adding arrows, and elaborating on key concepts. New ideas can also be easily captured and added to slides. The Wacom Touch monitor utilizes a program's native inking/annotating capabilities.  For instance, instructors using Powerpoint can use Powerpoint's pen tools to annotate on slides during slideshow mode.  These annotations can be erased or saved after class for later use.  Instructors can also annotate on PDFs, websites, or software programs using tools such as PDF XChange Editor or Epic Pen, which have been installed on all Wacom monitors.  

Writing, Drawing, and Solving Equations

Disciplines where writing by hand eases or enhances the learning process can take full advantage of using the Wacom monitors.  Math and science courses that express content through the use of equations, formulas, symbols, and diagrams are able to use the annotating and drawing tools to show processes and thinking while solving problems. In a similar way, foreign language instructors needing to use letters and characters of a language being taught can write directly on the monitor to show these.  Writing notes and solving equations on the Wacom monitor can aid in comprehension and can be saved and shared with students after class.  

Flipped Classroom Model 

Wacoms can also assist in creating effective media for flipped classroom models.  A major component of flipped classrooms is creating content for students to view outside the classroom.  Capturing video content using the Wacom monitor will allow instructors to create content that flows naturally and visually shows the thought process rather than just having static slides with a voiceover.  Instructors can create engaging videos that communicate information as if they were sitting next to the student.  They can show how to solve math equations, explain diagrams, add additional notes to slides, or highlight key information.  Theses videos can then be shared with students before class via Canvas. With quality video lessons and content that students view outside of class, teachers can give more one-on-one time to students and use class time for group or discussion activities.  

Learn More About Wacoms 

If you would like to learn more about the Wacom Touch monitors, the various annotating tools or how to incorporate the Wacom monitor into your lessons, visit the ISS Wacom resources page or schedule an appointment with an instructional consultant by calling 734-615-0099 or emailing