Each May, LSA Instructional Support Services participates in the campus-wide week of free workshops, discussions, and seminars for instructional faculty and staff.  Over 120 sessions address the role technology plays in fostering engaging and effective teaching, learning, and research.  

This year’s Keynote speaker will be Barbara Oakley. Dr. Oakley’s talk, Learning How to Learn, takes place on Monday, May 2.

This talk provides activities and insight into best practices in learning as revealed by insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Building on cutting edge research involving the “default mode network,” we’ll explore how and when learners should access the brain’s different learning modes to creatively tackle problem-solving while reducing frustration. This talk is meant to provide practical, immediately useful tools to help improve learners’ ability to stay on top of tough course material of any type.

Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE is a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, San Diego; and Coursera’s inaugural “Innovation Instructor.” Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience and social behavior.

LSA ISS staff will be offering Enriching Scholarship sessions throughout the week on:

  • Exam Scanning
  • Video Conferencing
  • iMovie
  • LSA ISS Advanced Videocasting Studio

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