The Apple Pencil doesn't have an eraser or special buttons—but it is fully pressure-and-tilt-sensitive. The Apple Pencil doesn't offer an eraser nib or special programmable buttons as the familiar Wacom patented styluses. All primary user interactions with the iPad's screen happen through the Pencil's white nib.

We tested the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil is a Bluetooth device and must be plugged into the Lightning port first before it can be used with any device. The Apple Pencil wears down slowly just like a traditional pencil and comes with replacement tips.

Apps that work well with the Apple Pencil:

For Annotating Student Papers: PDF Reader Pro

One of the best uses of the Apple Pencil is using it for annotation and feedback on student papers, and the recommended tool is PDF Reader Pro. When used with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the PDF Reader Pro allows instructors to provide feedback and make notes on electronically submitted papers and projects. We found the Apple Pencil fun and intuitive.

Download: PDF Reader Pro ($9.99)

For Handwritten Calculations: MyScript Calculator

Many equation editors will allow the faculty member or student to hand-write an equation. But how many tools actually solve the equation? When doing complicated calculations, write it out as if using a traditional pencil on a paper. The app will then convert the handwritten equation into digital form AND will provide the answer.

Download: MyScript Calculator

Some other applications available for the iPad Pro that work well with the Pencil.