When it comes to implementing video projects in a course, there are a lot of logistical and pedagogical issues to take into account. In previous parts of this series, we discussed guidelines, time commitment, and issues regarding content. In the final part, we will discuss the ways that LSA-ISS can support the implementation of a video project. First, we will discuss how to borrow camera and audio equipment from one of our loan centers. Then, we will talk about the pedagogical support options to help with the planning and implementation of video projects. Finally, we will talk about different classroom support services that LSA-ISS provides to LSA courses.

LSA-ISS has two loan centers available for equipment lending. The first in G340 Mason Hall has a variety of cameras and audio gear available for students, faculty, and staff with an LSA affiliation. The second one is located at the ISS Media Center on the second floor of the Modern Languages Building. This center has more specialized camera and audio equipment, and is also home to seven collaboration rooms, four editing suites, and a Mac classroom. More information about these centers and loan policies can be found at our website here - http://lsa.umich.edu/iss/equipment-loan---reservation-.html.

The ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting group provides pedagogical support to faculty to implement new teaching methods and technologies in their class. Specifically regarding video projects, the ISS-LTC group can provide personalized training to faculty and students for video editing software and equipment. ISS-LTC staff work with faculty closely to help ensure student success. To contact the ISS-LTC group, email us at lsa-iss-ltc@umich.edu

LSA-ISS also has services that can assist with in-class implementation of video projects. When the moment comes to project students’ final projects, the Technical Assistance Group is available to fix technology issues in the classroom. Additionally, LSA-ISS has dedicated staff to provide training on classroom equipment, support class events, and assist with projection needs. They can be reached at 615-0100.

Thank you for reading our continued series on video projects. Video projects can empower students to be creative and facilitate higher levels of understanding course materials. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have, and to explore our services on our website.