Canvas Groups can provide students with a collaborative workspace where they can work together to share files, hold video conferences, and work on group assignments.  Each group gets their own Canvas workspace which includes announcements, files, discussion boards, a calendar, and other collaborative tools so students can organize themselves and work together more effectively.  

Creating groups in a Canvas course is simple.  First, click on the People tool located in the left-hand course navigation menu.  Next, click the tab labeled Groups, then click the blue +Group Set button in the top right corner of the page.  Choose a name for the group set, such as Research Project Groups, and select whether to manually create groups, have Canvas randomly assign groups or allow students to self-enroll in the group of their choice.  

Once groups are created, there is an option to set assignments to be "group assignments" which means each group will have one submission for all users of the group.  If this option is not selected when creating an assignment students will have the ability to each submit their own work as part of the group.  

For more information about using Canvas groups, visit the Canvas Guides and watch the Canvas Group Creation and Management tutorial video.  If you would like to schedule a consultation with an ISS Instructional Consultant to further discuss how to start using Canvas Groups email or call the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting Office at 734-615-0099.