Want Students to Check Canvas More Often? Suggest they download the Canvas App. Students may not always have their laptops with them, but they are never far from their phones. The Canvas App makes their courses available with a simple tap. Students can read assignments and open documents that are posted in Canvas from anywhere they have their phones. They can receive notifications when exams are ready for viewing, when there is a new announcement, or check to see what assignments are due as they are waiting for class to begin. Easy access to the course calendar means no one should be surprised on the day of a quiz. Students can make the most of their downtime waiting in line for coffee, waiting for class, waiting in the doctor’s office, or waiting for a friend who is 20 minutes late. With the Canvas app, students can stay connected to their courses and stay on top of important assignments.


Canvas Guides for iOS and Android Devices:

Canvas by Instructure iOS Phone Guide

Canvas by Instructure Android Phone Guide

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