Having the opportunity to ask questions during class allows students to be more engaged with the material and enhance their understanding.  However, finding time for and managing questions during class can be tricky.  How do you find time to answer all the questions?  If time is limited, how do you choose which questions to answer? Are students even asking questions?  How do you encourage more students to speak up and ask questions?  

Sli.do provides a platform for students to ask questions during class without interrupting or feeling intimidated. Sli.do also allows students to vote up questions asked by their peers if they are wondering the same thing.  As the class progresses students and instructors are able to see what questions have been asked and which questions have been voted up the most.  Throughout or at the end of class, instructors can answer the top questions. Additionally, Sli.do keeps a record of all questions which gives instructors a chance to follow-up on any questions that were unable to be answered during the class period.  

Students often refrain from asking questions even if their instructor provides them ample time for Q&A.  Many students are shy about speaking in class or feel embarrassed about asking questions.  Some tend to feel they may be degraded or humiliated for asking a specific question.  They may be afraid of asking a simple question that others already understand or know the answer to.  Sli.do give students a safe and confidential place to ask questions without the stress or intimidation.  Students can choose to post questions anonymously or choose to reveal their name.  

Sli.do does have a moderation feature that allows instructors to view and moderate questions before the class is able to view submitted questions.  This helps to discourage and eliminate off-topic or inappropriate questions.

Finally, Sli.do also includes a polling feature that allows instructors to ask questions to the class.  This helps to create a more interactive learning environment.  It is important to note that Sli.do's polling feature cannot be used to award points as students have the option to remain anonymous.  

To learn more about Sli.do and strategies for encouraging questions in class, contact an ISS-LTC consultant by emailing lsa-iss-LTC@umich.edu or calling 734-615-0099.