The Learning Technologies and Consulting Group (LTC) is an integral part of Instructional Support Services as we directly support instructors who want to integrate instructional technology into their courses and improve student learning. We would like to take the opportunity in our first newsletter to give you a closer look at our group and what we do.

Our team includes five instructional consultants, one video production coordinator, video production students, graduate assistant staff, and a manager. Much of our time is spent in one-on-one consultations with instructors who want to explore the ways technology can engage today’s students and enhance learning, a process that involves much more than teaching basic computer skills. For example, many instructors are looking for strategies to move traditional instruction outside of class so there is more time in class for active learning. We can help instructors design lessons that move some of the content such as assignments, lectures and videos online so class time can be devoted to a workshop environment where students can apply concepts, collaborate with each other, and ask questions about course content.

We also help instructors design interactive lectures with i>clicker, the audience response system supported by the College of LSA. i>clicker is a user-friendly way for instructors to poll students and get instant feedback about how well students understand course content. We can help instructors leverage the power of this technology by teaching how to ask productive questions, how to give students more responsibility for asking and answering questions, and how to use i>clicker for formative assessment. And, of course, i>clicker is a fun way to engage students. Call our office anytime for a one-on-one consultation.

Our consultants also work with instructors who want to use blogs to immerse students in the course content, making what they are learning in class relevant to today’s world. Blogs are an excellent medium for students to communicate original ideas, improve writing skills, and reflect on concepts for a real audience. First, our consultants will discuss best practices for blogging so instructors are prepared to create a meaningful learning experience for their students. Then we help create and build the blog in WordPress, the platform supported by the College of LSA. Anyone who is considering a course blog should make an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss the many benefits of blogging.

We have been busy this fall helping instructors set up their Canvas courses, and we are excited to help them continue to explore all the tools and features Canvas has to offer. When used to its full potential, Canvas creates efficiencies that save time and simplify course management. We can help instructors customize their courses to fit their teaching style, as well as the course content. For example, consultants can demonstrate how to create tests that are automatically scored and sent to the gradebook, weight or drop grades, use Speed Grader's annotation tools, view outcomes, incorporate discussions and group work, integrate media, and set up video conferences. We are eager to consult with instructors who want to maximize the way Canvas supports teaching and learning.

Our Media Production Team works throughout the year producing high quality videos of lectures, events, promotions, and instructional videos. Our media group consists of a coordinator and student workers who specialize in such fields as video and audio production, animation, photoshop, and imovie. This fall we will offer a variety of workshops for anyone interested in using media in their courses. We can introduce instructors to media software or help explore more advanced programs, depending on the level of expertise. For upcoming workshops visit our Workshops and Events page.

We also provide funding opportunities for instructors to implement innovative ideas for teaching with technology to improve student learning. Our level I & II grants can provide funds up to $15,000. 5 New Initiative/New Infrastructure Grants have been awarded each year for the past 5 years, at an annual level of $45,000 per grant. Contact us so we can help you think through a project and apply for funding. For more information, speak to one of our consultants or visit our Funding and Grants page.

Of course, we are here to support faculty with all aspects of educational technology. This includes new technologies and pedagogies for collaborative writing and presenting course content, easy to use graphic organizers or infographic makers, websites and ePortfolios, or electronic surveys. We can introduce instructors to the Google Suite of products, help them explore an emerging technology, and so much more.

We are here because we love teaching and learning and we understand how crucial technologies are to improving the learning experience and  preparing our students for today’s workplace. Contact us today to get started! We are excited to schedule consultations with instructors who want to explore the possibilities.


Contact Us:
2014 Modern Languages Building, 812 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1275