Staying organized can be difficult during busy workdays and even at home.  There are so many digital apps and tools available but which ones are the most useful?  Here are a few apps/tools that can assist in staying organized. 

Toby:  Better Than Bookmarks

Tame browser tabs!  It can be overwhelming to have multiple browser windows open at once with multiple tabs in each window.  It can be difficult and time consuming to hunt through every window and tab to find a website, document, or resource.  Toby is a free online tool that provides a simple and user-friendly way to organize web pages currently in use or that need to be remembered for later.  It allows the user to create collections or groups of webpages.  This can be particularly useful in bookmarking and organizing sites.  Make a collection for a project, a topic, a team, or anything - everyone invited to shared collections can quickly browse tabs that have been curated.  

Toby lives on every new tab opened in the Chrome browser. On the right side of Toby it displays all the open tabs within the window. Simply drag the tab from the right bar into a collection in the center. This will close the tab inside the window. Once a tab is inside a collection it can be moved, renamed, and tagged. Upon creating a Toby account a user’s tabs will automatically sync across multiple desktops. Currently, Toby is optimized and built for the latest version of Google Chrome only.  Some new features coming to Toby are focused on prioritization, collection sharing, and smart notes.

Learn more by visiting the Toby website


Todoist:  Accomplish More

Consolidate all those sticky notes and to-do lists into one powerful app, Todoist, to help manage tasks and projects anywhere.  Todoist is a free organizational tool that can be used across multiple devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows.  It is also supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.  Todoist allows users to access tasks from anywhere, collaborate on shared tasks, set reminders, and create subtasks.  

Upgrade to the premium version for added functionality for only $28.99 per year.  Some useful features include  integrations with Google allowing web pages and emails to be saved as tasks, location-based notifications, and productivity tracking.  Learn about all of the Todoist features on their website. 


Qiqqa:  Research at Your Fingertips

Need a solution for managing documents and research materials?  Qiqqa is a free research and reference manager that allows users to search for, read, and annotate PDFs.  In addition, users can review work, write up notes, and create bibliographies.  Qiqqa keeps PDFs secure and makes them instantly accessible and searchable across all devices.  Use annotation features to add tags, comments, and highlights while reading PDFs which are available online and offline when on the go.  

Qiqqa can guide users through their literature by understanding their research niche and highlighting the most specific and most influential papers within the niche.  It can also find what next to read by following citations, authors, and keywords.  By using Qiqqa’s themes and annotation reports, users are presented with everything they should cite in each section of their paper.  Qiqqa will even automatically reformat bibliographies as new citations are added or if the publishing style is changed.  Upgrade to the premium version for only $3.33/month when using a university email address to create an account.  

Check out Qiqqa’s full list of features on their website.