PlayPosit is an online tool that facilitates the creation of interactive video tutorials. LSA Instructional Support Services and the Language Resource Center have been exploring the use of PlayPosit. Instructors are increasingly seeing value in presenting some content online to free up valuable class time for students to do higher, critical thinking activities. PlayPosit allows instructors to not only deliver content in a video format but also periodically pause for students to think more deeply about the material they are learning and answer questions (multiple choice, short answer, true/false, etc.). Instructors are also able to assess students' understanding before the next class period, focusing on areas of difficulty. We are interested in reaching out to faculty and support staff that would like to learn more about PlayPosit.  

We are also looking for instructors who would be interested in piloting PlayPosit during the Winter 2018 semester. Please take a few minutes to complete the PlayPosit Interest Survey and/or pass it along to others you think may benefit from more information. Click the button below to start the survey.

While creating a video tutorial in Playposit, there are various question types to choose from.