Instructure plans to release the latest version of Canvas Quizzes known as “Quizzes.NEXT” in the near future. Many improvements are being integrated into Quizzes.Next based on requests from faculty who use the Quiz tool regularly.

Quizzes.NEXT Features

1.  Item banking – the current Quiz tool features an inscrutable series of menus and screens for the instructor to create item banks (called “Question Banks” currently). The new interface in development shows the choice clearly on a tab within the main menu when the instructor clicks on the Quiz.

2.  The new Canvas Quizzes.NEXT is designed to allow for item-by-item management. Upgrades to the faculty workflow will include the ability to choose and change individual quiz items in an item bank.

3. There are more question types to accurately measure learning including formula, hot-spot images, and stimulus questions with embedded content.

4. Quizzes.NEXT has enhanced functionality around question management with stimulus questions. Stimulus content gives students a piece of content with associated questions.

5. Quizzes.NEXT has a simplified design and responsive user experience. The Outcomes and Questions are on the same page of the interface.

6. There are new authoring, delivery, and reporting experiences.

If you are interested in trying Canvas Quizzes.Next, select "Settings" from the left navigation panel of your Canvas course, then "Feature Options," and you will be able to turn the tool on.

If you would like to join the Quizzes.NEXT user group, sign in here: