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Media Center

ISS Media Center

2001 MLB is the home of the ISS Media Center and has a wealth of production resources available to all LSA departments and students. The main concentration of our center is video and audio production and post-production, but many things fall under those very broad categories, including:

  • HD Video Production
  • Media Duplication & Conversion
  • Non-Linear Digital Post Production
  • Voice & Music recording
  • Sound, Mixing & Mastering
  • Video Compression & Final Output

Here patrons will find all the tools necessary to produce a wide variety of digital media-based projects from narrative, documentary, experimental video, animation, audio design and recording, web-based podcasts and videos, website design, digital photography, image creation and much more. Our center is equipped with spaces to meet a variety of needs, including: PC and Mac computer classrooms, 7 Collaboration Rooms, 4 high-end Video Editing Suites, a Demonstration Room, an Advanced Videocasting Studio and a collaborative lobby space. For a list of software available in our spaces, click here.




Contact us at



Contact us at
(734) 763-1104


Visit the ISS Media Center on the second floor of the Modern Language Building.

ISS Media Center Loan

2001 Modern Language Building (MLB)


Wednesday, April 18th: 8AM-midnight
Thursday, April 19th: 8AM-10PM
Friday, April 20th: 8AM-5PM
Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd: 12-8PM
Monday, April 23rd-Wednesday, April 25th: 8AM-8PM
Thursday, April 26th: 8AM-5PM
Friday, April 27th: Closed

Mondays-Thursdays: 8am-midnight
Fridays: 8am-5pm
Saturdays-Sundays: 12pm-midnight