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Using WordPress in the Classroom



WordPress is a tool used to create interactive websites that contain blogs, information pages, and apps. This is so simple anyone comfortable with a computer can create them, but can also be as complex as you would like. For example, these sites can range from a simple site with just one page of information, to a site with a blog, information about a course and assignments, connections to social media, and feedback forms for comments or data collection or surveys.

Instructional Uses 

Looking for a way to engage your students with course materials in a more meaningful way outside the classroom? A class blog using WordPress might be part of your solution! LSA Instructional Support Services can help support your blogging needs, including help with site design, activity development, training, and integration with your course, no matter which platform you decide upon.  However, for class blogs, we mainly recommend using a hosted on our servers.

      Examples of Student Activities
  • Respond to readings

  • Maintain a writer’s notebook or journal

  • Post reflective, exploratory, or open entries about learning experiences

  • Share student-generated research or links related to class content

  • Practice writing skills such as developing voice, considering tone, drafting, peer review, etc.

  • Create a showcase for final projects

  • Craft an online image or presence
      Examples of Instructor Activities
  • Communicate announcements, share content and assignments  

  • Share instructor-generated exercises or prompts

  • Build community within your class

  • Create a public place where student work can be “published”

Getting Started

If you are interested in using blogging in your classroom, please send us an email at

We have several resources available to instructors using Wordpress in their classes:


WordPress Assistance

For help with getting a site created, site design, functionality, and integration with courses...

Contact the ISS Learning Technologies & Consulting Group

Phone: 734-615-0099



For help with basic WordPress functionality and other technical issues….

Contact ISS BlueCorps

Phone: 734-763-2985



For help with building a site for foreign language courses...

Contact the Language Resource Center

Phone: 734-647-0795