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Science Podcasts

Professor Monica Dus

Assistant Professor 
Molecular and Cell Biology (MCDB)

Dr. Dus is the Primary Investigator for the Dus Lab, which explores how the brain responds to changes in internal energy to regulate feeding.  

Professor Dus teaches BIO 305: Genetics, a large enrollment lecture class, as well as MCDB 458: Neuroepigenetics, an upper division neuroscience class.

Dr. Dus speaks about her goal of teaching students to be scholars​, both by learning science and communicating it through a podcast project.


Browse resources for the podcast assignment and examples of student work. 

Course Details


MCDB 421 Neuroepigenetics

Related Learning Objective:

Communicate new findings in the field of Neuroepigenetics to the public using social media and a website.

Assignment Prompt/Description:

Creation and presentation of a final project in the form of podcasts

Assignment Details

Part 1: Essay Draft

Working in pairs, create an outline for your essay, including:

  • Topic justification and rationale: Why this topic? What is the evidence that there are neuro epigenetic mechanisms at play? How many studies on this topic? What is their validity?

  • Book Chapters: Did you find any information in book chapters about this topic?

  • Materials: List reviews and primary literature.

  • Topic body: What will you talk about? Which general mechanisms will you include? Make sure you list an introduction for why this topic matters and is interesting and any background that is necessary to understand it.

  • Hook: What human story or interesting fact could you use?

  • Links: What connections did you find to other topics?

  • Media: Are there possible graphics, songs, or links you could include?

Part 2: Essay and Audio file

Create a final essay of around 1500 word about a topic in Neuroepigenetics written for the public. Use this essay to create a 15 to 20 minute podcast.


Examples of Student Work