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REEF Polling

What is REEF Polling?

REEF Polling is the mobile solution to i>clicker.  It allows students to use their mobile devices to vote during a polling session in class.  REEF polling in available on any device with a browser and for download as an iOS app or Android app.  

Check with your instructor to see if they have enable the REEF Polling option before purchasing a REEF Polling subscription.  

Can I use REEF Polling instead of purchasing a remote?

Possibly. Your instructor has to allow REEF Polling to be used in the course and enable it in their software. Usually instructors will indicate on the syllabus if you’ll be allowed to use REEF Polling.

Check to make sure REEF Polling is allowed in your class before purchasing a subscription.  You’ll have a free 14-day trial when you first sign up.

How do I register REEF Polling with my course?

Login to your REEF account and click the Menu button.  Then, choose Profile.  Click Edit Account.  Enter your student ID and click Save.  The next time your instructor syncs his/her roster, your responses will be matched with your name.

How much does a REEF Polling subscription cost?

There are a few subscription options available:

6-month subscription: $9.99
1-year subscription: $15.99
2-year subscription: $21.99
4-year subscription: $31.99