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iClicker Instructor FAQs

iClicker Setup and Equipment 

What equipment do instructors and students need to use iClicker?

To use iClicker in the classroom…

Instructors will need:

  • iClicker software (available for download or at 2014 MLB)
  • Instructor remote (available at 2014 MLB)
  • Base station with USB cord (located in all LSA classrooms with podium computer)

Students will need:

Does iClicker work with both Windows and Mac computers?

Yes, the iClicker software works on both the Windows and Mac platforms.

I use a PC in the classroom, but a Mac in my office/at home. Can I poll using a PC and grade using a Mac?

The version of software download configured for UM works seamlessly between mac and PC. If you are running a newer version (Sierra, OSX 12.10+) it can be set up manually to work between the two, but it takes a bit of setup. Please contact us at and we can schedule an appointment to configure this for you!

Is iClicker installed in my classroom?

iClicker does not require installation, but rather runs from an executable file contained in a folder with course information – for this reason, the software does not need to be installed on classroom computers.

The base station unit, which is required to run a polling session, will be housed in all LSA classrooms equipped with a podium computer.  Check the drawers of the podium to see if there is a base staton in your classroom.  If your classroom does not have a base station, please contact the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting Group at 734-615-0099 or by emailing  


iClicker Software

A new version of the software is available from Should I download the new software from their website?

No, do not download the software from The files provided on the flash drive or available for download on the ISS website have been configured for use with Canvas. 

If there is a software update, simply open your iClicker software, click Help, then Check for Update.  

If you need the iClicker software, it is available for download on our website or available on a flashdrive from the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting office located in 2014 Modern Languages Building.  

I am receiving more responses during a polling session than there are students in my class. What is the problem?

Occasionally, instructors will receive responses from other iClicker sessions taking place in adjacent classes. This happens when all classrooms using iClicker at the same time have the base stations set to the same frequency code. To prevent this, open the Settings, then under the General Tab change the frequency code. The default frequency is AA. Select a new combination of letters (e.g., AB, BB, CB, etc.), save the settings and begin a polling session.

When you change the frequency code of the base station in settings, each remote will need to be changed to the new frequency, including the instructor remote. To do so, press and hold On/Off button until power light flashes. Then, enter the 2-letter frequency code you choose in the settings. These instructions can also be found on the back of any iClicker remote.

Do I need to do anything special to my presentation to make it work with iClicker?

No, iClicker is a stand-alone application and is not designed to run exclusively with any particular program. The polling interface will “float” above anything displayed on your computer. You can present and ask polling questions using Powerpoint, Keynote, PDFs, websites, media players, etc. However, iClicker cannot be displayed above a full-screen Open Office window; for this reason, Open Office users will need to rely on the base station display for voting information during class.

When using Keynote, the iClicker toolbar disappears. How do I fix this?

In Keynotes’s Slideshow Preferences, there is an option labeled “Allow Mission Control, Dashboard and others to use the screen.” With this option selected, the toolbar should appear on the screen.



How do I add the iClicker Registration tool to my course navigation menu?

To add the iClicker Registration tool to your Canvas course navigation, follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Canvas course site.


2. Click Settings at the bottom of the course navigation menu.




3. Click the Navigation tab.


4. Find iClicker Registration in the bottom list.


5. To add the iClicker Registration tool to your Canvas course navigation, drag and drop iClicker Registration from the bottom list to the top list or click the gear icon and select Enable from the dropdown menu. 


6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

How do my students register their iClicker remote?

To register their iClicker remote on Canvas, students will need to login to their Canvas course. Next, they will click on the iClicker Registration tool in the course navigation menu. Then, enter the 8-character remote ID listed under the barcode on the back of their remote. Finally, they will click Register.  

After registering, students will see a verification table. We suggest students register their iClicker using the Google Chrome browser, as it has proved to be the most reliable.

Students are having difficulties registering their remote on Canvas. What should they do?

We recommend that students use the Google Chrome browser when registering their iClicker remote in Canvas. We have found Chrome to be the most reliable and successful browser while registering iClicker in Canvas. There may be a wait period of up to 10 seconds for the registration to go through. Once the registration is successful, students should see a verification table indicating their remote is registered.