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Catchbox FAQs

Which Rooms have Catchboxes?

There are two Catchboxes in each of the following rooms:

  • Krauss (Natural Science Building) Auditorium
  • 1324 East Hall
  • Modern Languages Building (MLB) Auditorium 3
  • Modern Languages Building (MLB) Auditorium 4
  • Angell Hall Auditorium A
  • Angell Hall Auditorium B
  • Lorch Hall 140
  • Chemistry Room 1800
  • UMMA (by request only - must make reservation ahead of time)
  • Angell Hall Auditorium C
  • Angell Hall Auditorium D
  • Modern Languages Building (MLB) Auditorium 2

How can I get support for using Catchbox mics?

If your course is scheduled in one of the listed rooms, there is an AV tech who will be there to help you with this and other AV issues in the room. We recommend that you discuss and practice using the mic before hand. If you would like to set up an appointment with them ahead of time, please contact the Technical Assistance Group via email at or call 734-615-0100.

If you would like help with looking for creative and engaging ways to use the Catchbox during instruction, please contact the Learning Technologies and Consultation Group via email at or by phone at 734-615-0099 to set up an appointment.

Can I check out a Catchbox for use in a specific room?

Unfortunately, the mics used in a Catchbox must be configured to run specificially with the receivers in the room where they are assigned. It is not easy to reconfigured them, so they have to stay in the room they are configured to work with.

Can I use a Catchbox in a different room?

Right now, only the large rooms make sense for us to install Catchboxes. The mics require a more substantial audio system, which is only in the larger auditoriums. In smaller rooms, the mic has limited benefit with added complication, and there is no place to store them.

Can I use this with other technology?

Catchbox simply uses a wireless mic, simliar to the ones you might wear during a lecture or presentation. This doesn’t impact your computer, wireless connections, or your presentation, directly. It can be used in conjunction with i>clicker, any presentation software, or on it’s own during any discussion or activity.