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Using Active Learning Platform with Canvas


The Active Learning Platform (ALP) uses HTML5 technology to create a truly immersive experience-integrating videos, notes, discussions and more that students can view at their own pace.

Instructional Uses

  • Instant feedback - Students pose questions at any time during class—electronically and even anonymously. 
  • Quizzes – Ask any of five types of questions electronically in class, then get immediate feedback on what students have learned and what needs more review. 
  • Embedded Activities – Engage with students after class by adding polls or quizzes to recorded videos, encouraging participation before the next session. 
  • Note Taking – Students are able to take notes during class alongside course videos, aligning their thoughts with the actual lesson. They can even bookmark parts they think are most important. 
  • Discussion Threads – Promote dialogue among students, and allow instructors to observe and endorse responses in real time. Echo360 also facilitates online chats with peers and virtual office hours, encouraging interaction whenever and wherever learning happens. 
  • Ditch the Clickers – The Active Learning Platform works with phones, tablets and laptops, so there’s no need for students to tote around clickers for class.

Getting Started 

If you are interested in using the Active Learning Platform, please send us an email at We have several resources available to instructors using the Active Learning Platform (ALP).  To get started, read our ALP how-to guides and watch our ALP tutorial videos. 

ALP Assistance

For ALP Technical Support

Contact Echo360

Phone: 313-407-0865



For ALP Instructional Support

Contact the ISS Learning Technologies & Consulting Group

Phone: 734-615-0099