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2018-2019 Anthropology and History Events

The Anthropology and History Workshop is a forum for the discussion of papers and chapters, usually in draft, by students, faculty and visitors. Workshop papers are distributed by email attachment to graduate students and faculty in Anthro-History and affiliated programs about one week in advance. The Workshop meets on Fridays, 2-4 pm, usually in 1014 Tisch Hall on U-M's Central Campus. There is typically a commentator/critic for each session, the presenter has a few minutes to set a context for the discussion of the work, with the remainder of the session dedicated to open discussion.

Workshop papers are available by request to

Fall AH Schedule

September 27, 4pm - Lecture
Untopics in History: Air Travel Anthropology
     Chandra D. Bhimull, Colby College

September 28, 12pm - Workshop
Technologies of Movement and Belonging
     Padma Chirumamilla, School of Information
     Sara Katz, History
     Omer Sharir, Anthropology and History
     Chandra D. Bhimull and Deirdre de la Cruz (chair)

November 8, 4pm - Lecture
Peacetime Aerial Bombing: A Colonial Geneaology for the Ever-Disappearing Civilian
     Vazira Zamindar, Brown University

November 9, 12pm  - Workshop
History Between Disciplines: An EIHS Exploration of Methodology
     Farida Begum, History
     Ren Chao, History
     Amanda Respess, Anthropology and History
     William Soergel, History
     Parrish Wright, History
     Shai Zamir, History
     Vazira Zamindar, Matthew Woodbury (chair)

Reading Group Dates

October 3, Mattew Hull  CANCELLED

November 5, Nana Quarshie: "Confining Nkramu: The 'Foreign Lunatic' Problem in Kumasi, 1925-1946"

November 29, Megan Steffen

**Places TBA!