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Undergraduate Advisory Group

The Institute for the Humanities has a long history at the University of Michigan as a place where students, faculty, and community members can learn about and discuss issues of relevance to all of us. The Undergraduate Advisory Group collectively suggests speakers and courses for the Institute to sponsor, and helps to promote events of interest to communities and friends affiliated with our campus. Students meet regularly throughout the semester at the Institute, while also periodically gathering opinions and thoughts from student peers.

For information about joining the group in 2017-18, contact Kush Patel at

Winter 2017 Undergraduate Advisory Group

Fatima Al-Rasool

Fatima Al-Rasool is a freshman student at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, majoring in architecture. She is extremely interested in history, philosophy, anthropology, the visual arts and their intersections with activism. Fatima is excited to share her appreciation for the humanities with the Institute and fellow undergrad peers.

Meghan Brody

Meghan Brody is a freshman studying history and is planning to minor in writing. She is a copy editor on the Fortnight Literary Press and is a lifelong writer and reader. She is excited to help others learn about the importance and relevance of the humanities in modern society.

Tori Cox

Tori Cox is a senior studying Art History, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, and Museum Studies. She is interested in pursuing work in collections management and preservation, and views museums and libraries as active and inspiring spaces for communities to come together and engage on a wide array of social issues. For her, preserving the information such institutions hold and working to make that information easily accessible to as many people as possible are key to creating such inclusive spaces.

Regan Detwiler

Regan Detwiler is a junior studying English literature and cultural anthropology. Her interest in new media technologies and cultures, especially digital media in contemporary novels and visual art is informed by her recent work as a writer and editor on the Opinion section of the Michigan Daily. Currently negotiating her role as an activist, Regan is thinking about ways in which the humanities can inform or even directly incite social change.

Ryan Lakin

Ryan Lakin is a junior majoring in English language and literature and double minoring in American culture and global media studies. She works in Special Collections as a reader services assistant during the week and volunteers at the historic Redford Theatre on the weekends. After graduation, she plans to pursue an M.A. in library and information science in hopes of becoming a librarian or an archivist. She loves organizing events related to the arts and humanities almost as much as she loves attending them.

Heejae Lee

Heejae Lee is a senior studying philosophy, with interests in art, fashion, architecture, and urban design. She is particularly keen on promoting the role and importance of publicly engaged humanities work, as well as in exploring the connections between art and mental health. She is a volunteer teacher of Korean language for Native American children.

Maria Mikhailova

Maria Mikhailova is a sophomore studying Screen Arts and Cultures and is currently planning on pursuing a minor in Business. She’s an associate producer with M-Agination Films, which is a student film production organization on campus. She is interested in psychology, sociology, as well as culture and politics.

Kawthar Mohamud

Kawthar Mohamud is a junior studying International Studies. As a transfer student, she is passionate about promoting centers such as the Institute for the Humanities because they give students avenues to participate in and reflect on issues pertinent in today’s world. Her interests lie within academia and diversity and how those intersections might allow for the creation of new networks of academics, intellectuals, and active members of society.

Julia Wang

Julia Wang is a sophomore majoring in art history with a minor in museum studies. Having learned French since her high school years in Toronto, she is interested in both Chinese and French language, culture, and art history, the impact of social media on what constitutes as “art”, and the global components of art and humanities. She looks forward to planning and promoting exciting events at the Institute of Humanities.