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Survival Strategies for Humanities Researchers: Organizing and Managing Your Research Materials

Friday, January 22, 2016
12:00 AM
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, Gallery Lab, Room 100

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Researchers in the humanities are collecting and working with a dizzying array of formats and file types, including print books, images, video, scanned documents, and audio. How can researchers keep track of it all in ways that help rather than hinder their work? This day-long workshop led by Jake Carlson, Sigrid Anderson Cordell, and Justin Schell, covers all aspects of the research process: planning before starting a project or going off on a research trip, archiving and storing materials, organizing those scattered files on your laptop, and publishing and sharing your data effectively. Geared for researchers across the disciplines and methodologies, the instructors will provide some basic strategies for managing your data in ways that will make your (research) life easier in the long run.


10-11am: Planning ahead. What to think about before you go off on a research trip or start a project (and how to cope if you’ve already started)

11-12pm: Data capture and collection

12-1pm: lunch

1-2pm: Now that you’ve got it, where do you put it?

2-3pm: How do you manage and organize your data?

3-4pm: What are the next steps? Sharing, analyzing, publishing, preserving.