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Author's Forum Presents: American Night: The Literary Left in the Era of the Cold War, A Conversation with Alan Wald, Howard Brick, and Dina Karageorgos

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
12:00 AM
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, 913 S. University, Library Gallery

American Night, the final volume of an unprecedented trilogy, brings Alan Wald's multigenerational history of Communist writers to a poignant climax. Using new research to explore the intimate lives of novelists, poets, and critics during the Cold War, Wald reveals a radical community longing for the rebirth of the social vision of the 1930s and struggling with a loss of moral certainty as the Communist worldview was being called into question. The resulting literature, Wald shows, is a haunting record of fracture and struggle linked by common structures of feeling, ones more suggestive of the "negative dialectics" of Theodor Adorno than the traditional social realism of the Left.

Howard Brick is Louis Evans Professor of History at U-M, and author of Transcending Capitalism: Visions of a New Society in Modern American Thought.

Konstantina (Dina) M. Karageorgos is a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan. Her dissertation, Black Cold War Fictions: 1946-1968, traces the formal contours of non-orthodox forms of African American Marxist literary expression produced during the Cold War.

Alan M. Wald is the H. Chandler Davis Collegiate Professor of English Literature and American Culture at the University of Michigan and is the recipient of the Mary C. Turpie Prize of the American Studies Association. The rest of his trilogy includes Exiles from a Future Time: The Forging of the Mid-Twentieth-Century Literary Left and Trinity of Passion: The Literary Left and the Antifascist Crusade. He has been awarded the Mary C. Turpie Prize by the American Studies Association.

The Author's Forum is a collaboration between the U-M Institute for the Humanities, University Library, Great Lakes Literary Arts Center, & Ann Arbor Book Festival.

Additional sponsorship for this event is provided by the departments of English Language and Literature and History.

Alan Wald, Howard Brick, and Dina Karageorgos