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Brown Bag Lecture: What Happened to ... ?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
12:00 AM
202 S. Thayer St, Room 2022

Sara L. Forsdyke, Classical Studies <br>"What Happened to Ancient Studies?"

This lecture will explore how the study of the ancient Greeks and Romans has changed over the past twenty years in response to the so-called ???culture wars??? and other political, social and intellectual trends. The transformation of the discipline is visible not only in the replacement of ???Classics Departments??? with ???Programs in Ancient Mediterranean Studies,??? but more substantively in the dramatic expansion of boundaries of the discipline. While not all of this change has been for the better, Forsdyke will suggest that much of it represents progress. At the very least, we have become more self-conscious of how contemporary ideologies shape our decisions about why and how to study the ancient world.

Sara Forsdyke is associate professor of Greek and Latin in the Department of Classical Studies and a former Faculty Fellow in the Institute for the Humanities.