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Brown Bag Lecture: The Digital Humanities

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
12:00 AM
202 S. Thayer St, Room 2022

Julie Klein Thompson, Humanities, Wayne State University <br>"Mapping the Field of the Digital Humanities"

Since its origin in the late 1940s, the field of digital humanities has expanded into a heterogeneous landscape of discipline-based work, expanding multidisciplinary scopeinterdisciplinary integrations, and aspirations for a new transdisciplinary paradigm. Communities of practice have formed, anchored by the professional apparatus of learned societies, print and e-literature, web domains, research centers, and curricular programs. The Web has also become home to an array of databases, e-text sites, archives, and digital libraries. In mapping the field, Klein will portray its historical trajectories, define key domains of practice, highlight selected technologies and new media, illustrate features of benchmark projects, and explore current thematics and problematics.

Julie Thompson Klein, Professor of Humanities at Wayne State University, is in residence as a Visiting Fellow in the University of Michigan Institute for Humanities, September 21 ??? October 11, 2008.