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Past Exhibitions


American Berserk, Valerie Hegarty

World Leaders, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen

Waiting for the Extraordinary, Mark Dion

Possession, Jaye Schlesinger


Global Graffiti & Mural Project, Olga Alexopoulou, Cacao Rocks, Mehdi Fhadyanloo

Any Holder but a Pot Holder, Levester Williams

Bureaucratics, Jan Banning

John Cage's How to Get Started

Detroitography, Alex B. Hill

Sacred Objects, Mary Mattingly

Atomic Highways and Byways, Joan Linder

Here and There, Tracey Snelling

Another Country, Shanna Merola

I Don't Speak, Keaton Fox



No-Touching Zone, an exhibition by Chris Hyndman, April 10-May 17, 2014.

Obscura Primavera, an exhibition by Corine Vermeulen, Mar 3-31, 2014

State of Exception: MOCAD, Feb 7-May 5, 2014

The Other Camera, an exhibition curated by Paul Weinberg, Jan 2-Feb 19, 2014