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Winter Contests — February deadline

Please note that if you are graduating in December, you may still submit to the below contests. However, your deadline for all of the below is December 5, 2018, rather than in February. 

Once you have determined your basic eligibility, please follow the below links to more detailed information on each of the winter contests, or scroll down to view the brief summary of each of the winter contests.

Brief summary of February 8, 2019 deadline contests

(Reminder: your deadline is December 5, 2018 if you are graduating in December)

  • The Graduate and Undergraduate Hopwood Awards are open to all fully-enrolled University of Michigan students (with further eligibility requirements detailed at above link). Genres included in these contests are poetry, nonfiction, short fiction, novel, screenplay, and drama. These are the "big" Hopwood awards, in that there are the most number of genre categories, with the largest number of students eligible, and in that these prizes comprise the majority of the funds given each year.
  • There are two other contests you can submit to in February: The Arthur Miller Award and The Kasdan Scholarship in Creative Writing.
    • The Arthur Miller Award is open to UM students with sophomore or junior standing, and is open to submissions of drama, screenplay, fiction, or poetry. Two letters of recommendation by faculty members are required. 
    • The Kasdan Scholarship in Creative Writing is open to all fully-enrolled University of Michigan students, and genres included are screenplays and drama. The final judge(s) for this award are at the Kasdan Company.