Unique Research Opportunity for Honors Students

Are you planning to pursue graduate study in cognitive psychology or cognitive neuroscience?  If so, this unique research experience will provide many of the skills that you will need to succeed as a graduate student. Research skills will include learning to (1) read and understand real scientific journal articles, (2) design cognitive psychology experiments in the fields of attention and cognitive control, (3) conduct basic statistical analyses of data using Microsoft Excel and SPSS, (4) give effective and well-organized oral presentations with PowerPoint, and, possibly, (5) write a scientific paper for an academic journal. Teamwork skills will include learning to (1) interact appropriately with human subjects, (2) work effectively in a lab group as a cooperative and responsible colleague, and (3) pass on your knowledge and skills to other members of the team.

This opportunity is only for highly motivated students in the Honors Program with excellent GPAs who want to begin a research experience in September, 2014 and who are planning to attend graduate school in Psychology. If accepted, students will be expected to enroll in Psych 326 (independent study) for two full semesters to benefit fully from the experience.  If things go well after one semester, then, at the discretion of the professor, interested students may conduct additional research for an Honors Thesis.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity and would like to know more about Professor Weissman or the Attention & Cognitive Control Laboratory, please contact Professor Weissman (danweiss@umich.edu) directly or see the lab homepage (http://www.lsa.umich.edu/psych/danielweissmanlab/).