Part of the ONSP Parent Orientation Program is a one hour session with a student panel.  Typically, 5 current University students or recent graduates of all academic backgrounds meet with parents and answer their questions.  To make this a successful event, ONSP is looking for students who can both professionally represent the University to new parents and, more importantly, comfortably be themselves on stage.  This is a unique opportunity for students to show their pride for their academic institution, all while being paid to do so!

There is a mandatory (paid) training session in late May.  It will be offered twice, so students are expected to attend one of them.  On the dates for which students are scheduled, they are asked to be at the Art Museum (UMMA) from 3:50 to 4:50 and will thus be paid for a full hour of work.  Interested students should fill out the following web form:

Any questions can be directed to Katy Rapson:  

[NOTE: It appears that students can select weeks based on availability through the web form. You sign up for the times that work with your summer schedule.]