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National Fellowships & Scholarships

U-M Fellowships and Scholarship Website (Link)

We encourage you to visit the U-M Fellowship and Scholarships website to determine scholarships of interest. You'll find information regarding eligibility, application processes, bios from former winners, and helpful resources. There is an appointment feature on the main page and a search tool for your convenience.

Most of these competitions require students to be endorsed by their institutions. Since this requires time for the review of applications and, in some cases, interviews of candidates, the UM deadlines are considerably earlier than those you will find on the individual scholarship sites. Individual U-M dates are listed on the Google calendar.

Honors Recognizes Previous National Award Winners


1994    Leah Niederstadt
1998    Fiona Rose
2005    Joseph Jewell (Cal Tech nominee)
2009    Abdulrahman El-Sayed
2015    David Moore

British Marshall

1994    Michael Weiss
1994    Benjamin Novick
1997    Heather Stoll
2005    Jacob Bourjailly
2007    Lyric Chen
2011    Alexander Carney
2012    Spencer Smith

Churchill Scholarship

1990    David Schwartz
1992    Ariel Smits
1995    Amy Faranski
2005    Christopher Hayward
2006    Charles Chrissman
2009    Eszter Zavodszky
2011    David Montague
2012    Nicholas Triantafillou


2002    Michael Masters
2012    Sean Collins, Madelin Huberth
2015    Ana Guay

Harry S. Truman

1990    Swati Agrawat
1992    Richard Constable
1995    Heather Stoll
1996    Fiona Rose
1998    Coleen Mascenik
2000    Michael Masters, Peter Romer-Friendman
2005    Lyric Chen
2012    Noel Gordon, Tyler Jones

Barry M. Goldwater

1991    Beverly Aist, Arial Smits, Michael Weiss
1992    Valarie Benezra, Evan McLain
1993    Dana Virgo, Douglas Daniels, John Santini
1994    Vikos Mehta, Adam Pacal
1995    Melody Klauss, Jeffrey Smithers
1996    Andrew Haidle, Rahul Kohli
1997    Doug Covert, Joseph Dertouzas, Elisa Pease
1998    Aaron Leanhardt, Scott Lefurgy, David White
1999    Todd Coleman, Cherianne Milne
2000    Jennifer Chang, Brian DeBosch, Joseph Marsano, Benjamin Singer
2001    Martha Coselman, Rajat Gupta, Sarah Uhler
2002    Shaili Jain, Alefiyah Mesiwala, Michael Rodehorst, Semyon Zarkhin
2003    Christopher Hayward, Bethany Percha
2004    Jacob Bourjailly, Daniel Schmidt
2005    Eric Chanowski, Pratik Rohatgi
2006    Matthew Becker, Kathryn MacKool, Elizabeth Otto. Hon Mention Keary Engle
2007    Kevin Wilson, Eszter Zavodszky
2008    Timothy Heath, Steven Moses
2009    Katherine Bouman, Daniel Hermes, Sarah Kostinski. Hon Mention David Montague
2010    David Montague, Michelle Robinette, Ray Zhang, Hon. Mention Ruthi Hortsch
2011    Alexander Carney, Sean Collins, Nicholas Triantfillou
2012    David Sherman, Charles Stibitz, Hon Mention Rebecca Gleit
2013    Ray Strobel
2014    Joseph Richey, Aaron Priluck. Hon Mention Nirbhay Jain
2015    Karl Winsor, Jonathan Haefner, Alexander Golinski

Astronaut Scholarship

2008    Matthew McKeown
2009    Heather Munoz
2010    Christine Morrison
2011    David Montague
2012    Alexander Carney
2013    Nicholas Triantafillou
2014    Nirbhay Jain, Aaron Priluck

Beinecke Scholarship

1992    Denise Bell
1995    Tilney Marsh
2003    Stephen Pannuto
2005    Christopher "Madison" Moore
2006    Zachary Foster
2014    Stephanie Leitzel

Udall Scholarship

1996    Hon. Mention Jonathan Kazmierski
1997    Hon. Mention Mark Axelrod
2004    Brittany Fox
2010    Robin Czerwinski
2012    Sita Syal
2014    Hon. Mention Sarah Ballew
2015    Hon. Mention Jacob Kornfeld