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Official Senior Audit

In order to be evaluated for graduation, every student must have an official academic degree audit. This audit informs students what degree requirements they have already fulfilled, and those that still need to be completed.  We recommend students have their audit done prior to registering for their last semester of classes in order to make sure they are registering for the appropriate courses.  To receive an audit, students pursuing a Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS-Chem), must complete the following:

  1. Apply for graduation by logging onto Wolverine Access. Go to Student Business, click on "Apply for Graduation," and follow the prompts. Make sure to verify your permanent address and specify how you want your name to appear on your diploma.
  2. Have a release submitted for every major, minor and supplemental studies program you have declared. A release is submitted after students meet with a departmental advisor to discuss what requirements they have met and how they are going to fulfill the remaining requirements. The department enters this release in the student's online file, where it should be directed to the Honors Office.

Once all of your releases and your completed online application are received, the Honors Academic Auditor will send your Official Senior Audit to your e-mail account.  Generally, audits are completed within two to three weeks after the student has applied for graduation and all releases have been submitted.  Please be advised that during certain times of the year, the process may take longer.

It is important to read your audit carefully because it contains the information that will be used to clear you for graduation.  If you have questions or believe there is a mistake in your audit, please e-mail the Honors Academic Auditor: (Please note that the online degree audit on Wolverine Access & the My LSA Audit Checklist are useful tools, but are NOT an official degree audit. The only official audit is the one that you receive via email from an Academic Auditor of the College.) It is your responsibility to make sure your remaining courses will satisfy the unfulfilled requirements listed in your audit.

If you are taking courses for a major or minor other than the ones listed in your audit (i.e., you have made a change in how you are fulfilling a major’s requirements), have your departmental advisor submit an updated release, so that your official audit can be updated.