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Honors Global Digital Citizenship

Honors students go diving with the director.

This summer, in conjunction with LSA's Digital Wolverine series, we're offering Honors Global Digital Citizenship, which is a great opportunity for you to prepare yourself to college by...

  • learning about transitioning your social media profile from high school to college and career/grad school,
  • learning your first legit UM course credit by participating in our program,
  • taking a summer dive into topics of online image, self-care, fake news, appropriate college "netiquette," digital access as a human right, and more, and
  • getting to be a part of front-line study in digital citizenship.

As part of LSA, we generally do what the college does -- but we like to dive a bit deeper. It's not just a metaphor. As a diving enthusiast, our Director takes Honors students diving for real, too (photo above).

How do you jump in? We've created a set of zero-risk online modules for you to explore over the summer. They involve some very short readings, some assignments which we think are both interesting and helpful, and the opportunity to connect with others in a safe digital environment. You can do things at your own pace, whenever you want. Each module will take approximately twenty-five minutes. If you complete five of the eight total modules and a brief final engagement exercise, you can earn one credit of Honors 135. (No worries about summer tuition, though: you get the credit for this in the fall or winter, when it will be part of your regular courseload.)

Your first task is to fill out a survey, which unlocks everything else. The initial survey, which will appear with a welcome letter to your email, will collect data on your Honors Class of 2021 -- your story, hopes, and some opinions. We'll share the results with the whole cohort (but only completely anonymously). Don't want to answer particular questions? Skip them.

Once you've taken the survey, you'll be added to our online modules using Canvas, the learning management system we use at the U-M. Take the survey right away or wait. The system will automatically nudge you a few times over the summer until you have taken it, so don't worry that you or we would forget. Participation is voluntary.

Have questions? Ask your advisor or peer mentors at Orientation. We'll see you soon!