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Current Courses

Lists of Current Honors Course Offerings

Use these links to Honors Core Courses and the LSA Course Guide in planning your schedule. Questions? Email or make an appointment with an Honors advisor.

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Honors Core Curriculum for Fall 2017

These are brief descriptions of the next term of Honors Core Courses.
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HONORS 230 | Living with Animals (SS)
Instructor: Robin McQueen
Much human social life involves interactions with non-human animals or interactions with other humans about animals. This course creates a space to explore those interactions. In it, we think about broad questions connected to the fundamental distinctions many humans draw between themselves and other animals and about the nature of our relationships with those other animals. 

HONORS 232 | Biology and Society (NS)
Instructor: Trisha Wittkopp
Are GMOs dangerous? Do vaccines cause autism? Should we be worried about antibiotic resistance? Biological research and the way it is communicated to the public by media outlets impacts our everyday lives in many ways. In this course, we will discuss the nature and process of science, how scientific results make their way from laboratory benches to media headlines, and examine a series of biological “hot topics” currently in the news.

HONORS 240 | The Games We Play (SS, FYWR)
Instructor: Mika LaVaque-Manty
Games — real and metaphorical, formal and informal — are everywhere where humans are: Games are a metaphor for politics, romance, and much in between. There are children's games, war games, and the Olympic Games. In the world of fiction, there are games of thrones and hunger games. People watch and play football; others play it on their XBox and Playstation consoles. Some games seem to have a gender, while some gamers want to exclude one gender from their world. Language is a game. There’s the game of life, and college is an important part of it.This Honors Core course introduces students to the social sciences through the concept of games. 

HONORS 241 | Fall and Rise of American Empire (HU, FYRW)
Instructor: Sandra Gunning
Today, long after the demise of old European empires the United States as a superpower is expected to intervene in anti-totalitarian revolutions around the world, and since 9/11 U.S. troops have invaded and occupied entire nations, as was the case with Iraq, and is the case now with Afghanistan. With the ongoing "War on Terror" the U.S. practices extra-judicial drone killings of suspected enemies, and listens in on the private conversations of almost any individual, be they ordinary American citizens, or foreign heads of state.Given its far reach, is the United States now the face of 21st-century empire? If the destiny of every empire is to rise and then fall, when will "the end" arrive for the United States?

HONORS 242 | Controversy in Scientific Discovery (NS, FYWR)
Instructor: Anna Mapp
Throughout history, scientific advance unaccompanied by controversy has been rare. From the nature of the carbocation in organic chemistry to the role of humans in global warming, experimental protocols, data interpretation, and intellectual contributions have been the source of significant disagreement among scientists and in the broader community. Here we will examine controversial discoveries in the last 60 years, putting the central findings on trial in the classroom. 

Honors 135 Fall 2017 Course Description Video

Click here to watch a quick video highlighting course topics in F17 Honors 135.

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