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Theses Archives

Congratulations on completing your Honors senior theses! Becoming a genuine participant in your field, contributing your own original scholarship, is a giant step. We hope you recognize how important it is and want to make sure the hard work you have done gets the recognition it deserves.

To this end, we have made arrangements with the University of Michigan Library’s “Deep Blue” electronic archive to create an Honors Senior Thesis Collection. When your work is deposited in Deep Blue it will become a permanent part of the University Library. You can deposit your thesis (as a PDF file) at this location (link): This site contains instructions for submitting your thesis, along with some information about intellectual property.

In depositing your thesis, you are not transferring copyright at all, you’re just allowing the University to keep copies in the library collection. As part of this, you will be asked to warrant that your work is original and does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe or violate the rights of others. For most theses (as indeed for most scholarly work) this should be simple and clear. If your thesis includes images or other material which might be subject to copyright protection, you should begin by discussing the issue with your thesis advisor. If questions emerge, we encourage you to contact the University Copyright Office ( Please feel free to consult with the Honors program as well.

The Deep Blue thesis archive has many benefits. To start with, it makes your work permanently accessible to scholars around the world. Every year we receive requests for theses. This thesis collection is also a great resource for the University of Michigan. It provides new UM students with a wide array of example theses, both to inspire them to pursue their own and to set the standard for their work. It also helps the Honors Program, giving us a comprehensive, evolving picture of the thesis work students are doing in different programs.

Not least, permanent archiving of your senior thesis may be useful to you. During the 2008 Presidential election a significant mini-scandal emerged when no one could find a copy of President Obama’s Columbia University senior thesis on “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament”. You can imagine what certain segments of the media made of this ‘cover-up’.  Michelle Obama’s thesis was still available of course, because Princeton has archived all of theirs since 1926. Now is your time.

Home for Deep Blue is  Archival navigation is Collections >> Honors Theses (Bachelor's).  From there, you can sort by Title, Author, Date, and Subject. (Please note: "Subject" does not correspond to their undergraduate majors.)