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Teacher Certification

Obtaining a Teacher Certification as a History Major

Students who wish to earn a secondary teaching certificate in history must apply to the School of Education (SOE) certification program and take specific history courses required for a Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate. LSA students can remain in LSA to earn a BA in history and include the education course component over three terms. If application is made in the sophomore year, it might be possible to complete everything in four years.

Apply to the SOE certification program by January 15 to begin the three-term SOE program the following fall term or winter term. Application during the sophomore year is encouraged.

Students must be certified to teach in two areas ("teaching major" and "teaching minor"). Plan early and consult with advisors in the SOE and the History Department to be sure you elect the right classes.

The School of Education holds bi-weekly information M-Teach sessions on alternate Thursdays to explain teaching certification options. Please check the SOE Events Calendar for room and times. Students interested in the teaching certificate program should make all online advising appointments with Maris Vinovskis, the faculty advisor who specializes in this area.

Teacher Certification Requirements

The general requirements for a teaching certificate are described on the School of Education website. The three-term secondary teacher education program includes two terms of Education practicum and coursework and a third term of student teaching.

State certification requirements include specific history courses that are subject to change.

Students interested in earning a certificate to teach, both present and future, will need to meet the American content and global/geographic demands of the state requirements.

The following courses are currently required (with additional courses specified by the School of Education):

  • History 260 and 261 (US surveys)
  • History 238: Zoom: A History of Everything OR History 239: The World Before 1492
  • History 240: The World After 1492
  • History 496/497: History Colloquium
  • 3 Upper-level History courses (300-level or above)

Check for updated requirements by clicking here.