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The History Department at the University of Michigan has a long distinguished tradition of exploring the civilizations of South, Southeast and East Asia. The department currently has a diverse group of faculty specializing in different aspects of Asian history, ranging from imperial and modern China, medieval and modern Japan, colonial and modern India and Pakistan, the Indian Ocean, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia. Faculty research interests include gender, cultural, intellectual, legal, institutional, diplomatic and economic history. Given the colonial legacies of the Asian region, many faculty members also have strong commitment to research in imperial, global, colonial, and postcolonial history.

True to the strong cross-disciplinary traditions of the History Department, many of our faculty members have joint appointments in other departments and are active participants in programs such as anthropology and history, history and women's studies, and medieval and early modern studies. All our faculty are also affiliated with regional centers such as the Center for Chinese StudiesCenter for Japanese StudiesCenter for Southeast Asian Studies and Center for South Asian Studies. The study of Asia at UM is also greatly enhanced by the presence of the Asia Library, which is one of the leading Asian research libraries in the nation.

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