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History of Art Minor

NOTE: Minors must consult with a History of Art advisor at least once a year.

Requirements for the History of Art Minor: At least 15 credits (or five courses), to be chosen according to the following:

  1. 100-Level Survey Course: A student must complete a 100-level introductory survey course (History of Art 100, 101, 102, or 103).
  2. Electives: A minimum of 2 history of art courses (6 credits) at the 300-level or higher, one of which must be a seminar. The remaining credits required to complete the minor must be at the 200-level or higher.
  3. Distribution: The elective courses must cover at least two different geographical areas and at least two different chronological periods.


1. Ancient
2. Medieval
3. Early Modern
4. Modern and Contemporary


A. The Middle East (includes Western and Central Asia, and North Africa)
B. Sub-Saharan Africa
C. Asia (includes China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia)
D. Europe and the US
E. Latin America and the Caribbean