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2017 German Day Schedule

(maps and addresses of all locations mentioned below can be found on our Maps page)

8:00 am

Registration opens

Registration is outside the doors to Rackham Auditorium. Registration ends at 9:45 am.

8:30 am

doors to Rackham Auditorium open

note: no food or drink is allowed in Rackham Auditorium

9:10 - 9:45 am

Welcome Assembly, Rackham Auditorium

Johannes von Moltke, professor and chair of German department
Mary Gell, German Day coordinator
Christiane Gant, LLMSW, speaker
Larry Gant, Professor of Social Work and Art and Design, speaker

10 am - 12pm

Events in Michigan League, Rackham Auditorium, and Modern Languages Building

Some events have timeslots assigned to registered participants; view 2017 Event Schedule.


Michigan League Concourse, 2nd Floor


Michigan League, Room D, 3rd Floor

German for All

Modern Languages Building, ISS, Room 2001, 2nd Floor


Group I:  Michigan League, Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Group II:  Michigan League, Hussey Room, 2nd Floor


Levels 1 & 3:  Michigan League, Room 2, 1st Floor

Levels 2 & 4:  Michigan League, Room 4, 1st Floor


Levels 1 & 3:  Michigan League, Room C, 3rd Floor

Levels 2 & 4:  Michigan League, Room 6, 1st Floor

Sing-Along Videos

Modern Languages Building, ISS, Room 2001, 2nd Floor


Levels 1 & 3:  Michigan League, Vandenberg Room, 2nd Floor

Levels 2 & 4:  Michigan League, Koessler Room, 3rd Floor


Levels 1 & 3:  Michigan League, Room A, 3rd Floor

Levels 2 & 4:  Michigan League, Room B, 3rd Floor

Spelling Bee

Level 2 (more advanced):  Rackham Auditorium, 10 - 11 am

Level 1 (beginner):  Rackham Auditorium, 11 am - 12pm

Native Speaker:  Michigan League, Blagdon Room 1st Floor, 10 - 11 am


Modern Languages Building, ISS, Room 2001, 2nd Floor


Modern Languages Building, ISS, Room 2001, 2nd Floor


Michigan League, Room D, 3rd Floor

12 - 1 pm

Lunch Break

Carillon Concert

Burton Tower, 12 - 12:45 pm

Tiffany Ng, assistant professor of carillon, is performing her arrangements of two piano preludes by Clara Schumann at noon. She arranged these in honor of Justice Baer, after discovering that there was no published carillon music by German women composers. When these arrangements are published, they will probably be the first.

There are no "tours" during the recital, but from 12:30-12:45 pm, she can give 5-minute explanation of how the carillon works. The capacity for visitors is extremely limited--around 45 people only.

German teachers' lunch with the Chair of the Germanic Languages and Literatures Department

Modern Languages Building, Room 3308, 12:10 - 1 pm

1 - 2 pm

Awards Assembly, Rackham Auditorium


2017 German Day program (PDF)

Dressing Room, Props, and Costumes

The Henderson Room, on the 3rd Floor of the Michigan League, is available as a practice room and social space. The German Department assumes NO responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

Encore Performances

Some students may be asked to perform their event for everyone during the Awards Assembly. Teachers will be notified via phone if their students are selected.

*Notice: By attending German Day at the University of Michigan, you permit a still photo, video, or electronic image to be taken for educational, academic, or research purposes. These pictures belong to the University and no payment or compensation will be provided in connection with the pictures.