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English Minor

You can minor in English Language & Literature while pursuing a course of study in another major or college.  We offer a wide variety of courses that will build strength in analytic argument in both writing and speech, increase your understanding of language and text, and provide a rich education in the history of literature across centuries and around the world.  

While the program is flexibly structured, all students interested in the English Minor begin with English 298 (Introduction to Literary Studies). 

In English 298 you will develop an understanding of some key practices of interpretation, including strategies for “close reading” (analysis focused on specific passages of a text) and for using key analytical categories, which may include, for example, form, genre, audience, representation, figurative language, performance, media/mediation. After successful completion of 298, a student can declare the English Minor.

Students must successfully complete 18 credits of English courses, taking English 298 as the prequisite course (3 credits) and fulfilling at least two of the following core requirements by taking two separate courses (6 credits): pre-1642, pre-1830, pre-1900, American literature, Identity and Difference, and Poetry. Students must also complete an additional nine credits (9) of elective English courses.

How to Declare

After successful completion of English 298, students should schedule an appointment with an English advisor to declare and make a course plan. English Minor advising appointments can be scheduled at: Advising Appointments. The minor is designed for majors in other LSA departments and schools at the University of Michigan, and is not open to English majors.