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Petitioning the Department


Special requests of the department require that the student submit a petition to the undergraduate office. Instances in which a student would submit a petition include the application of courses taken at other universities (either in the U.S. or abroad) or in other University of Michigan departments to the English major or the use of a previously unapproved course to satisfy a major requirement.

General procedure: Complete the Student Petition Form and attach copies (NOT originals, please) of any supporting documents, such as course descriptions and syllabi. Return it to the English Undergraduate Office, 3187 Angell Hall.. Your request will be reviewed by a committee and you will be contacted by a department staff member when a decision is returned.

Special procedures for transfer credit and study abroad:

Approval by the University: For a course to be considered as transferable into the English major, it must be evaluated and transferred in at the 300-400 level. For information specific to a course at a particular institution or college you may refer to the LSA Out Of Residence Credit Guide. Once the credit is evaluated, and if it is a 300-400 level course, the English Department can evaluate it for program credit. For questions regarding transfer credit, please contact the Credit Evaluators at 1220 SAB or call 763-1074.

Approval by the Department: Courses which have been accepted for upper-level English credit by the transfer credit evaluators may be used as English credit toward the major. English majors are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 12 upper-level credits, which includes one major requirement (American Literature, New Traditions, Pre-1830 or Pre-1600 Literature, Poetry), or the pre-requisite (298). When you submit your petition, attach copies of any information you may have about the course. If you are petitioning in advance, this would include printed course descriptions and information on the program itself; if you are submitting a petition after you have taken the course, include a copy of the syllabus if possible.

Some cautionary notes:

The College of LS&A has specific rules about the number of credits which may be transferred toward the degree that differ from the number of credits the English department will allow to transfer in and count towards the major. Please see the College Bulletin for details.

If possible, you should contact the transfer credit evaluators and the Department about your credit BEFORE you study at another institution. However, in some cases the evaluators will not be able to give a complete answer without syllabi or complete course descriptions which, for many programs, is not available until you begin the program. In addition, all approvals are tentative until the courses have been completed; neither the University nor the Department can grant credit until a transcript has been issued by the program or University from which you wish to transfer credit.