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AP Credit

Incoming students: If you score a 4 or 5 on either Language and Composition or Literature and Composition on the AP exams, you will receive 3 credits per exam which will then go toward the overall 120 credits needed for graduation. See chart below:

AP Exam Category Score Credit Type Total Credits
Language and Composition 4 or 5 English Comp. Departmental * 3 credits
Literature and Composition 4 or 5 English Departmental* 3 credits

* Does not satisfy the First-year Writing Requirement or English major requirements. 

For questions pertaining to the posting of AP Credit to UM transcripts, please contact the University of Michigan Undergraduate Admissions 

AP Test Credit cannot be used toward the First Year Writing Requirement. For additional information, students should contact the Sweetland Center for Writing

For further information please contact the Undergraduate Administrator