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Guidelines for Mentoring Plan

  1. Department statement of commitment to mentoring
    1. As applicable, include reference to template required by NSF
  2. Overview of department’s approach to/philosophy of the mentoring of all its postdocs
    1. Why mentoring is important
    2. Goal of mentoring plan
    3. Importance of mentor’s own commitment to the process of training a postdoc 
  3. Plan for additional mentoring opportunities, if any.  Examples might be:
    1. Other individuals, suggested by Chair, whose input may be valuable to the postdoc
    2. Opportunities to make presentations, be present at the presentations of others
    3. Programs provided by CRLT
  4. Outline of responsibilities involved in the training and development of the postdoc
    1. Responsibilities of mentor
    2. Responsibilities of postdoc
  5. A plan for periodic assessment of the postdoc’s progress, minimally once a year
    1. Some form of documentation of the outcomes of these assessments, shared with the postdoc