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Conflict Resolution Statement

Conflict Resolution Policy and Procedures for Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Conflict resolution procedures are available to an LSA Postdoctoral Research Fellow who has a conflict or disagreement with faculty or staff about the equity and fairness of decisions or procedures that affect the conduct of research.

Scope of the Policy

Other University policies and procedures may apply to other allegations of faculty and staff misconduct. Such matters will be governed by appropriate policies administered by other University units:

  • Complaints that a member of the faculty or staff has engaged in research misconduct will be handled by the Office of the Vice President for Research.
  • Complaints that a member of the faculty or staff has violated the University’s non-discrimination and harassment policies will be investigated by the University’s Office of Institutional Equity.
  • Claims that a member of the faculty or staff has violated employment contracts will be investigated by Academic Human Resources. ( ) A Fellow who alleges misconduct by a faculty or staff member must pursue the complaint in the most appropriate forum.

A Fellow may not pursue the same allegation in different venues. Fellows who agree to have a conflict mediated under this policy agree not to pursue the same matter in any other forum within the University. Any questions regarding where to pursue a particular complaint should be directed to LSA’s Research Process Senior Manager.

Conflict Resolution Procedures

The following procedures are available to Postdoctoral Research Fellows who wish to complain of any action or inaction, within the jurisdiction or control of LSA, which the Fellow alleges to be in violation of law or University policy or to be unfair, arbitrary, or capricious.

A. The Fellow should seek to resolve the matter by informal means through his/her mentor or supervisor.

B. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, the Fellow may seek resolution by informal means through the Department Chair.

C. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by the Department Chair, the Fellow may seek formal resolution through the Divisional Associate Dean by submitting a written statement to the relevant Divisional Associate Dean describing the alleged wrong; the facts which the Fellow believes support the allegations, and the disposition of the matter at prior informal steps.

D. The Divisional Associate Dean should seek to resolve the matter impartially and promptly.

  1. The Divisional Associate Dean may seek advice from the Dean or establish an ad hoc committee for advice on the matter.
  2. The Divisional Associate Dean (or designated representative) will consult with the Office of Academic Human Resources and/or the Office of the General Counsel to assure correct and consistent interpretation of University policy and/or the law.

When the Divisional Associate Dean decides the matter, the Fellow will be informed in writing of the decision and the reasons for the decision. The decision is final. No adverse action may be taken against a Fellow for use of these procedures.