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Ruth M. Sinclair Memorial

This award recognizes an outstanding LSA general advisor in the Comprehensive Studies Program, Honors Program, Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center, or Residential College. Nominations are due before December 1 and will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of the advising directors from CSP, Honors, Newnan Center, and RC as well as LSA Student government representatives and previous award winners. Recommendations are forwarded to the LSA Executive Committee for final approval.

The winner receives a $500 check and an award certificate, which are presented by the Dean at the first faculty meeting of the fall term.

Criteria – Persons nominated for this award will have a genuine interest in undergraduate advising, challenge students to achieve at their highest possible level, and encourage them to pursue exciting and meaningful curricula and co-curricular activity.  Successful nominees also will demonstrate dedication, initiative, and service to colleagues, the College, and academic advising profession.

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Ruth M. Sinclair Memorial Award - Recipients

2018 Jeff Winters
2017 Denise Guillot
2016 Denise Kozikowski
2015 Michael Hartman
2014 Timothy Webb
2013 Henry Dyson
2009 Maria Begoña Garcia
2008 Christopher Luebbe
2007 Susan Gass
2006 Robert Gordon
2005 Elleanor H. Crown
2004 John Stratman
2003 Janet Hegman Shier
2002 David R. Smith
2001 Deborah J. Mahoney
2000 Christine Bass
1999 Donna Wessel Walker
1998 Jean M. Leverich
1997 Santhadevi Jeyabalan
1996 Louise Freyman
1995 Susan TePaske-King
1994 Penelope C. Morris
1993 David Burkam
1992 David Reed-Maxfield
1991 Rudi P. Linder
1990 Marian Hallada
1989 William Alexander
  Barbara F. Sloat
1988 Walter Gray
1987 Monroe Hafter
  Bert Hornback
1986 Robert Pachella
1985 Sharon Herbert
  Conrad Yocum
1984 Earl Shulze
1983 John Kolars
  Terrence McDonald
1982 Roy Jay Nelson
  Eugene Krause
1981 John Allen
  Vern Carroll
1980 Michael Geyer
  Harold McCuloch
1979 Alfred Meyer
  Daniel J. Weintraub
1978 Paul Cloke
  Howard Crum
1977 Lyall Powers
  Thomas Tentler
1976 Milton Heumann
  Bert Hornback
1975 Mary Crichton
  Morris Foster
  Vivian Patraka
1974 Ernest Abdel-Massih
  Frederick Test
1973 Lee Bowie
  Grace Mack
  Mary Alice Shulman
1972 Marion Jackson
  Gerald Linderman
1971 Paul Jess
  Thomas Storer
1970 Hans Fabian
  David Segal
1969 Catherine Hinchey
  Rachal Kaplan
1968 William Hauser
  Eugene Nissen
1967 Henry Austin
  Malapalayam Ramamujan
1966 Alvin Goldman
  Robert Paslick