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About Student Academic Affairs

LSA Student Academic Affairs serves students, the College, the University, and the larger society by contributing to the intellectual and personal growth of students in the liberal arts tradition. Overall, Student Academic Affairs is responsible for helping LSA undergraduates achieve the expectations and rewards of the liberal arts and science education afforded by the College.  The overarching objective of Student Academic Affairs is to enhance and strengthen the undergraduate experience of students in LSA.Our staff shares with teaching faculty and other academic departments the task of facilitating the student's academic path through the College. 

In achieving its mission, LSA Student Academic Affairs:

  • Assists students in defining educational goals and in designing a plan to meet these goals.
  • Guides students in assuming responsibility for their education.
  • Teaches students to appreciate the value of a liberal arts and science education.
  • Provides accurate and accessible information to assist students in making informed decisions.
  • Articulates the standards of the College and assists students in meeting these standards.

To accomplish this responsibility, LSA Student Academic Affairs is organized in the following units each of which has distinct responsibilities: