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Professional Development Cancellation Policy

Our office has been reviewing the staff professional development policies in order to make sure we are using our resources most efficiently. The HR Council has been working with us to look over our expenses and to make recommendations that will help us control costs without having a significant negative impact on the important support for professional development we provide to staff. We have a small but inefficient problem with staff members "no-showing" for LPD courses for which they have registered. Because there are strict no-show policies at LPD these are then charged to the same central LSA LPD budget that covers all of our professional development costs. The URL for the cancellation policy is found below.

LPD's Cancellation Policy

As of July 1, 2003, we will be rebilling any costs for "no-shows" for LPD courses to the staff member's unit. The HR Council is in agreement that the unit is in a better position than our office to know that a staff member is out on a day that they were planning to take a course. Staff members should be reminded that they should be informing their supervisor if they were scheduled to be at a session on a day that they are unable to attend due to absence or workload. These policies do allow for a substitute to be sent without a penalty.  If the supervisor is aware that the staff member is not able to attend, they can attempt to find a substitute. It is even acceptable for the unit to locate a substitute from another unit since the charges for attending are covered centrally here.

We will need your continued assistance in making sure that staff understand their responsibility for canceling in advance, notifying their supervisor if there are last minute changes, and making sure that we send a substitute where possible. Note that LPD has a two week cancellation deadline for a full refund.