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Feedback & Coaching



It is important to have regular two-way feedback between employee and supervisor. We suggest at least two formal discussions to update the work plan, in addition to ongoing coaching from the supervisor in order to support employee performance.

Coaching and Work Planning Discussion Guide

Supervisor to employee

  1. Do you feel you have a good understanding of your role in our unit’s mission? In the College’s mission? If not, let me explain further.
  2. How do you think communication in the unit can be improved to build teamwork?
  3. Tell me who you interact with on a regular basis who might be able to give me some feedback on your performance. (OR: I want to share some feedback I received about your performance from people you interact with regularly.)
  4. Am I giving you enough feedback on your work performance?
  5. Do you feel we meet often enough and I’m accessible when you need me?
  6. Let’s review your work plan to be sure it still reflects your realistic work demands.
  7. Let’s review my expectations of your performance to be sure I’m being clear and you understand them.
  8. Tell me what tools, resources and training you need to do your job and meet your goals.
  9. What am I doing that is helpful for you? What could I do to support you more? 

Employee to Supervisor

  1. This is how I see myself contributing to the Unit.
  2. This is what I think I do particularly well. What do you think my strengths are?
  3. This is the area I think I need/want to improve. What skills or knowledge would you suggest I focus on for improvement?
  4. This is how I think I’m meeting the teamwork and professional conduct parts of my work plan.
  5. Here are my achievements related to my work plan. (This is what I’ve gotten done so far related to my work plan.)
  6. Do you believe I’m meeting the goals we agreed to in my work plan?
  7. Am I meeting your expectations? If not, tell me specifically in what area.
  8. What feedback do you receive from others regarding the work I provide?
  9. Are there changes planned in the department that would affect my work plan or my position?