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For Alumni

It's hard to forget Michigan . . . even from across the globe.

No matter where you live, once you've attended the University of Michigan you are, and forever will be, a Wolverine. And we want to hear your Michigan story.

Student ambassadors in the College Connections Abroad program are asking alumni how your U-M experience influenced your life today, how you currently perceive the University, and your hopes for its future. Best of all, we are able to connect you with fellow Wolverines who are currently making their own Michigan memories—our students.

Throughout the year, thousands of current students embark on global experiences around the world—from China, to India, to Argentina, to Italy. While they are abroad, our exceptional team of student ambassadors will meet face-to-face with alumni from all eras and all corners of the LSA family, in order to gain your insight on the student experience and to learn more about how our Victors Valiant are utilizing their talents in the world after graduation.

Connect With a Student

Are you interested in connecting with a student while they are abroad in your country of residence? Email to request an interview and we will keep you in our system for when one of our student ambassadors is in your community.