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LSA Faculty

As an LSA faculty or staff member, you are required to register your travel in the University's Travel Registry whenever you travel abroad on UMRT. While not required, emergency contact information and/or on-site contact information is highly recommended (if available) as in the event of an emergency, this information is crucial to get in touch

“I’m an LSA Faculty/Staff member traveling abroad on UMRT, what do I need to do?”


1. Inform your unit’s Chief Administrator of your travel plans

2. Register your travel in Wolverine Access. Add the cities you plan to visit in the ‘Trip Title’ (this is especially helpful in the event of a localized emergency).

3. Add the your Chief Administrator and the LSA Health & Safety Advisor ( as a contact in the TR. This will automatically generate an email letting them know that you will be traveling abroad.


1. Complete this form with the information regarding your travel plans. The LSA Health & Safety team will register your travel for you and inform your unit's Chief Administrator.