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LSA Faculty

As an LSA faculty or staff member, you are required to register your travel in the University's Travel Registry whenever you travel abroad on University of Michigan Related Travel or UMRT. A definition of UMRT can be found on our homepage as well as in the UM SPG on International Travel (601.31).

While not required, emergency contact information and/or on-site contact information is highly recommended (if available) as in the event of an emergency, this information is crucial to get in touch

“I’m an LSA Faculty/Staff member traveling abroad on UMRT, what do I need to do?”


1. Inform your unit’s Chief Administrator of your travel plans

2. Register your travel at

3. Please list any available contact information you may have with you while abroad, including a US cell phone (even if you dont plan to get an international phone plan), hotel information, etc. This is crucial in an emergency!


1. Complete this form with the information regarding your travel plans. LSA Health & Safety will register your travel for you and inform your unit's Chief Administrator.