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Register Travel

“My LSA Unit has travelers going abroad. How do I register my students in accordance with the policy?”

1. Choose one of the registration options below:

2. A member of the LSA Travel team will contact the students within 3 business days.

3. Once your travelers have completed the requirements, LSA Travel will notify you via the designated Google sheet (if you do not have access to this sheet, please email Travelers may not depart nor funding distributed until LSA Travel has confirmed that these requirements have been met.



If you learn of an emergency involving an LSA traveler abroad, call the LSA Emergency Phone 24/7. This number is only provided to LSA Administrators and is not distributed publicly. If you do not have access to this number, call UMPD at 734.763.1131 and ask to be forwarded to the LSA Emergency Phone.

Any LSA Department admin may request access to this number by emailing