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About the Policy

Defining UMRT

For students

  • Will receive UM ‘in-residence’ credit for the experience
  • Will travel on an experience or program that is UM organized or managed
  • Will receive any sort of financial support from an LSA department for their time abroad
  • Will participate in an experience abroad that is necessary to achieve a degree requirement, i.e., dissertation field research, internships, degree milestones
  • Will be accompanied or led by a UM faculty or staff member while abroad

For faculty/staff

  • Will use research funding for travel that is managed through an LSA unit, i.e... sponsored research projects, recruitment/retention funds, internal grants, discretionary accounts, etc.
  • Attend an event abroad and the travel will be paid for by the institution extending the invitation

Travel Warning and Travel Restriction Destinations

LSA policy on Travel Warning and Travel Restriction destinations is consistent with the UM SPG on International Travel. For more information, please visit Global Michigan.

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